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DFDS opens Sweden’s most powerful charging station for electric trucks

DFDS has opened Sweden's most powerful charging station, DFDS Dock & Drive, in Arendal at Hisingen in Gothenburg. The facility, with a total of 40 charging points, has a daily capacity of 45,600 kW.

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Henrik Ageflod, CEO of DFDS Logistics Services, DFDS’ own transport company, emphasised the station’s key role in supporting the growing fleet of electric trucks in Gothenburg:

The traffic here is lively; we already have around 60 trucks in operation in Gothenburg, and each truck needs to be loaded two or three times a day, explained Ageflod.

DFDS’s green transformation gained momentum with the series production of heavy electric trucks. The company has received 105 vehicles, part of the 125 electric trucks ordered from Volvo, marking one of the largest orders of its kind a few years ago. These electric trucks are now a common sight, particularly in the Port of Gothenburg.

Ageflod stressed the critical need to expand the charging infrastructure in tandem with electrification efforts.

We cannot continue with our electrification if we do not simultaneously expand the charging infrastructure; it is critical, he stated, expressing hope for increased collaboration among stakeholders in Sweden to establish a comprehensive charging network.

While the charging station will initially cater to DFDS’ own trucks, the company envisions extending support to other hauliers in the long term. DFDS is concurrently inaugurating additional charging stations in Ghent, Belgium, and various locations in the Netherlands.