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A major storm has currently been hitting Northern Europe, and it is moving south. Germany issued its second-highest storm warning level, but Poland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Denmark have also issued weather alarms.

According to Severe Weather Europe, the cyclone is now still deepening, which will result in significantly worsening extreme wind conditions, delivering 110-130 km/h wind gusts in many areas. 

A whirlwind can break tree branches and break the power grid, so drivers should be especially careful. In such conditions, it is worth remembering the rules of safe driving, especially if the truck driver is dealing with side winds. Gusty gusts from the side can push the set off the road or even tip it over. If such a wind occurs, it is better to stop the truck and wait for the wind to weaken.

If we are dealing with blasts from the front or rear, then it is good to reduce speed – this is the basis of driving in such conditions. You should also remember to avoid crossing viaducts, bridges and forest areas where possible. Especially in the latter areas, the risk of trees being blown down or damage to the vehicle by broken branches increases.

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