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As many as 45 drivers who recorded a serious truck accident were punished with fines amounting to 230 euros. The irresponsible behavior of the onlookers significantly hampered the rescue action of the emergency services that worked at the scene, reports the portal.

The accident took place on Friday evening on the A58 motorway near Etten-Leur in the Netherlands. The truck driver lost control of the vehicle and entered the railings. The impact force was so great that it turned the car aside. Rescue services and the police immediately appeared on the scene closing both roads for a long time.

The traffic was directed to the shoulder. The view of the overturned truck attracted the attention of bypassers who decided to record the whole situation with their phones. In order to take the video, they significantly slowed down, which at some point created a traffic jam. Drivers busy with their phones did not pay attention to the officer standing on the road. When the police tried to direct traffic, many drivers did not even notice them. Their irresponsible behavior could lead to dangerous situations for all road users.

In this case, the emergency services were also at risk. Drivers caused a threat because they were distracted by their smartphone screens. This creates dangerous situations and leads to unnecessary delays,” said the spokesperson of the local police in a conversation with the Dutch portal.

The policemen had no other choice – they began to punish people whose behavior made it difficult to conduct the rescue action. In total, the tickets were issued to 45 drivers who recorded the event.

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