A disgraceful situation: the toilet business is still not solved in the UK 

A truck driver has been speaking out on BBC Morning about the problems lorry drivers still face in the United Kingdom because many businesses, (distribution centres) don’t allow them to use their facilities. The situation is often disgraceful, although both carrier associations and the Public Health of England have called companies to change their measures.

 “It’s making it really difficult for us lorry drivers. We’re out on the road, doing ten, twelve, thirteen hours a day, and we’re not able to use toilets anywhere. It’s just getting worse” – says lorry driver Jonathan George.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has reminded all businesses that COVID-19 is not a valid excuse to stop hauliers accessing clean, safe hygiene facilities, and that they have a legal duty to provide such facilities to truck drivers.

„As the UK looks ahead to the easing of lockdown restrictions, it’s absolutely vital that all reopening businesses understand that they must allow truckers access to toilets” – RHA added in its announcement.

Statement of the Public Health England

Following numerous complaints from members about distribution centres denying drivers the use of toilets back in March, at the beginning of the British lockdown, the RHA contacted  Public Health England. In their response, The Public Health Service called the distribution centres to allow drivers to use their bathrooms, as handwashing is essential in this current situation.

“This letter is to confirm that there is no public health reason to deny access to toilet facilities to freight drivers (or others) who do not have symptoms of cough or high temperature. At this time, it is particularly important that everyone increases the frequency of handwashing, so access to toilet facilities is particularly important. Please facilitate freight drivers and others to continue to access toilet facilities and handwashing facilities” – can be read in the letter published by the RHA.

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