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Due to the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, training for drivers wishing to renew their ADR certificates may not take place. A special grace period has therefore been established to ensure that certificates remain valid for longer.

Brussels wants to secure the supply chain of dangerous goods and has therefore decided to introduce a grace period for ADR certificates, reports the German transport portal

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, many of the training courses for drivers wishing to renew their licence to transport these type of goods may be postponed or even cancelled. Therefore, ADR certificates which expired after 1 March will be automatically extended until 1 November. Drivers will only have to present a refresher training certificate and pass the exam from 1 December. Importantly, the certificate will be valid for 5 years not from the date of issue, but from the expiry of the previous document. 

Photo: Flickr/Lav Ulv CC BY 2.0


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