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The German government has launched a website with an interactive map, which includes all submitted road works on motorways in the country. With this tool, carriers and forwarders can plan their routes to avoid traffic jams more effectively.

The interactive map you which you can find at was created within the framework of Profund, a program of the German Ministry of Transport (BMVI). The website has been launched in cooperation with the Federal Roads Authority (BASt) to help drivers avoid renovated road sections as much as possible.

This solution will not only save time for drivers but can also have a positive impact on the safety of German roads. As we know, construction works are carried out on many sections of motorways in Germany and almost every day there are accidents there (very often as a result of a collision with vehicles standing in a traffic jam, e.g. before a narrowing within the renovated part of the road).

Steffen Bilger, Secretary of State for Transport, hopes that the interactive website will relieve traffic on the most sensitive road sections and make life easier for drivers.


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