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This is not a joke – in Russia, there is an opportunity to buy brand-new trucks ZiL-133 GYA, which left the production line in… 1994. The announcement about the sale of vehicles from state reserves appeared on the portal. The price of one of the unique trucks is approx 9800 euros.

The ZiL-133 GYA trucks were produced 25 years ago and have only travelled 1,500 kilometres since then. This is even less than the route from the factory in Moscow to Khakassia, the autonomous republic in the Russian Federation where they are currently located (the distance from Khakassia to Moscow is 4,300 kilometres). In 1994, the vehicles left the production plant and immediately went to the garage for storage.

The trucks offered for sale have not been modified or repaired. They only received new tyres and batteries. All fluids have also been changed in the vehicles.

The price of trucks is 700,000 roubles per unit, i.e. just over 42,000 zlotys. Vehicles do not have registration certificates, so the new owner will have to take care of the documentation to certify their technical condition. However, this should not cause any problems, because the ZiŁ trucks are in excellent condition.

ZiL-133 GYA truck

The production of ZiŁ-133 vehicles began in 1975 in the Likhachov Moscow Plant. The ZiŁ-133 GYA model, built to transport various types of cargo, is equipped with the 150 HP KAMAZ 53212 engine.



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