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Everything indicates that the toll rates will also increase in Austria next year. Austrian carriers are opposed to raises.

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) has recently presented a draft regulation on new toll rates in Austria.

The draft provides for a statutory adjustment of infrastructure costs inflation in the amount of 2.2 percent. In addition, a reduction will be renewed for trucks that meet the EURO 6 standard, including a fee component related to the burden of infrastructure costs. For the first time, however, for this class of vehicles, the rates in Austria also take into account the external costs associated with air pollution. Initially, the solution was planned by the Austrians already in 2018.

According to the draft, the increases are as follows:

6.2 percent for Euro 6 trucks with 2 or 3 axles,

5.3 percent for Euro 6 trucks with 4 axles.

All other tariffs will increase by 2.2 percent.

Toll rates in Austria in 2019 (in cents, excluding VAT):

Tariff group Category no 1 Category no 2 Category n0 3
2 axles 3 axles 4 axles and above
A, emission standard Euro 6 19,23 26,985 40,099
B, emission standard Euro 5 and EEV 20,24 28,399 41,875
C, emission standard Euro 4 20,87 29,281 42,883
D, emission standard Euro 3, 2, 1, 0 22,87 32,081 46,083

Austrian carriers criticize increases

Austrian transport entrepreneurs are disappointed with the increase in tolls for lorries planned for early 2019.

In times of discussions about CO2 emissions, the government promotes the renewal of the fleet of trucks towards modern vehicles that meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. With the increases approaching next year, the same trucks will be punished with an excessive increase of over 5 percent and 6 percent in charges,” comments Franz Danninger, president of the Federal Department of Freight Transport at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO).

According to Prognos, one of the largest European companies dealing with economic research and consultancy, the rates for travel in Austria are 25 percent higher than in other EU countries. In 2008-2016, carriers paid 900 million euros for using Austrian roads.

The President of the Department of Transport admits that he is considering taking legal steps:

If discussions and arguments do not bring results, then we will refer the matter to the European Commission and, if necessary, to the Court of Justice of the European Union,” Danninger said.



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