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Although the Austrian Minister of Transport, Norbert Hofer, assured the public in March that such a raise will not happen, last Friday, Günther Reder from the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ) announced an increase in road toll for trucks of Euro 6 standard. 

After Austria had a new Minister of Transport, their government decided to raise the road toll rates for Euro 6 trucks. The increase is expected to be 4% and is expected to enter into force at the beginning of next year

Günther Reder, president of the Freight Transport Association at the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ), did not hide his disappointment.

It is regrettable that the contracts and commitments of politicians to carriers are clearly worth nothing, „Reder said in commenting on the preparations for the increases. He criticized the fact that the government did not keep its promise of 2017 but the politicians are planning a 2 percent higher increase than the average inflation rate of 2018. 

According to Reder, the revenue from the highway is getting lower and lower from the toll. The number of trucks meeting lower emission standards is decreasing, which is why the government has decided to increase the rates for the highest standards. In his view, it can be considered positive that the rise has already been announced, thanks to which carriers can prepare better for higher costs.

The draft amendment has been directed to the expertise – it will be assessed by the competent ministers and the governments of the Länder, legal groups and organizations bringing together entities that will feel the changes in rates.

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