Austria to make FFP2 masks mandatory for lorry drivers loading/unloading from shops

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Austria has made wearing an FFP2 face mask obligatory when using public transport or visiting shops. The regulation enters into force on Monday 25th January and it applies to everybody – including lorry drivers.

The obligation applies to truck drivers who take part in loading tasks. Customers and staff at petrol stations are also required to wear such a mask.

In the cabin and when leaving the truck, however, a face mask of any kind is deemed satisfactory.

What are FFP2 masks?

Otherwise known as FFP2/FFP3, N95 masks or ‘respirators’, FFP2 masks protect wearers from breathing in hazardous contaminants in the air. They protect against particles in the air, possibly also against aerosols. They are made of several layers of fabric and paper and have built-in filters.

These masks are said to be more protective than fabric masks or surgical masks.

Photo credit @ Pixabay