BAG records 41 cases of illegal cabotage in a single day

BAG records 41 cases of illegal cabotage in a single day

41 trucks were found guilty of illegal cabotage operations in Germany during a recent BAG inspection. A total of 648 trucks were checked, so it could be said that the majority of carriers comply with the rules. However, BAG says that these results are not representative.

On the 24th of March, Germany’s Federal Office for Goods Transport (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr  – BAG) carried out checks at a total of 29 control points to monitor compliance with cabotage regulations and technical roadside inspections.

The controls largely took place on routes and traffic hubs that are heavily used by non-resident vehicles, for example in the area of Stuttgart.

Of a total of 668 vehicles checked, 648 were checked for compliance with cabotage regulations. 41 of these vehicles carried out illegal cabotage operations.

Moreover, only a few technical defects were found in the 45 vehicles checked for such issues, reports BAG.

In terms of fines, a total of approximately €48,980 euros were collected.

However, BAG points out that the results of these controls cannot be considered representative of the overall picture.

Photo credit @ Wikimedia/Dg-505 CC A 3.0

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