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A truck driver who was robbed in the province of Rieti in the Lazio region by criminals disguised as members of the civil defence lost €5,000.

A driver driving an LPG tanker saw a civil defence checkpoint near Magliano Sabina. He stopped on their request. When asked to leave the cab, he left the truck and saw a gun pointed at him. Robbers, dressed as officers, quickly searched his cab. They found €5,000, a payment for the transported fuel.

The loot was relatively small and the criminals apparently didn’t know what to do with the cargo the driver was carrying,” reports the portal, which describes the story that happened just three days ago.

Right after robbing the truck, the fake members of the civil defence escaped in a passenger car.

The Italian portal calls for caution while pointing out that the safety measures taken by the authorities to fight the coronavirus have started to be used by robbers for their evil purposes. All the more so because the uniforms of members of the civil defence are much easier to fabricate than those worn, for example, by the Italian police.

Photo: Pixabay


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