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A trucker abandoned his cargo at the Italian border and drove away for fear of the coronavirus

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A German driver carrying building materials to an Italian town on the Slovenian border refused to enter Italian territory. “These are the first non-health-related consequences of coronavirus in Gorizia,” said the mayor.

The Italian association of carriers Conftrasporto informed about a rather unusual situation on its Facebook profile. On Wednesday, a truck driver from Germany transporting construction materials to the school being renovated in the town of Gorizia stopped in Slovenia, on the border with Italy, refusing to continue his journey to this country. When asked why he said he was afraid of contracting the coronavirus. The man was so determined that he emptied his tipper truck in a nearby field and drove away. 

The news to many readers seemed so absurd that they considered it to be 'fake news’. However, Conftransporto confirms that the story is as true as possible:

The news we published yesterday has evoked unbelievable reactions and the question of whether it’s fake. We would like it to be fake, but unfortunately, it is not so…,” reads the statement by Conftrasporto. 

“Unfortunately, it’s all true. Yesterday we checked the news with official sources, at the mayor of Gorizia, Rodolfo Ziberna,” reports the association.

As I found out, truck drivers are not only afraid of the possibility of contracting the virus, but also want to avoid a possible quarantine lasting 15 days,” explains in an official announcement Rodolfo Ziberna, the mayor of the Italian town.

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