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Belgian road transport company Snel Logistics Solutions has started using the SafeDrivePod application in its trucks, a solution that ensures the screens of its drivers’ smartphones are almost completely blocked while driving.

Gert Snel, CEO at Snel Logistics Solutions, says the firm turned to the app as it sees safety as a top priority. Speaking to the Belgian media yesterday, Snel added that the company will continue to invest in “innovative techniques” that improve driver safety.

Speaking to, Snel explained how the SafeDrivePod application blocks the use of a driver’s smartphone while he/she is driving. The only exceptions are navigation apps and hands-free calls.

Snel Logistics Solutions drivers have been instructed to connect manually to SafeDrivePod to confirm that they are indeed using the app while driving. Snel says this is “not a check or a punishment”, but a means of “guaranteeing the safety” of its drivers and other road users.


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