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At a series of checks conducted at the Lichtenbusch border crossing in Belgium last Saturday, 90% of the trucks and trailers were found to have at least some faults.

As reports, 30 trucks and 30 trailers were checked during the technical inspections, which were carried out by the “Autosécurite” using special equipment. In only six cases were there no faults.

Commenting on the figures, one inspector said “You have to let that sink in for a moment: 60 vehicles – six of which were okay. That means 90% had technically faults.”

Any defects detected by the inspectors had to be rectified immediately on site. In one case, the inspectors found a commercial vehicle that was 80% overloaded.

As a result of some of the faults, fines of 40,000 to 50,000 euros were issued. The inspectors were reportedly shocked by how quickly the fines were paid.

One inspector told “It seems that this [the cost of paying a fine] is calculated [by the hauliers] and that nobody in the organization is bothered that these violations are committed.”

Police officer Sébastien Pêtre was quoted as saying that the checks help to remind people of the need to obey drivers’ hours rules:

I am convinced that these control actions will make people more aware of the need to exercise more caution, both in terms of rest and driving times and in the transport of goods and animals.

According to, the police shall be conducting an increased amount of similar checks in the near future.


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