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At the end of July, changes were made to Belgian legislation on minimum wages and registration of posted workers. The regulations partly also apply to road transport. 

On 30 July this year, there was a change in the Limos 1 declaration concerning the posting of workers to Belgium. However, please note that this declaration only applies to one type of road transport operation, cabotage. International transport is excluded from these regulations, reports the Austrian transport organisation AISÖ. The most important change concerns posting for a period of longer than 12 months.

Posting for a period exceeding 12 months

The Federal Public Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue Services explain the special scheme that has been in force since 30 July for postings that exceed 12 months. If an employee is posted for a period of more than one year, after a change in the regulations, his working conditions (including pay and employment conditions) after these 12 months are defined by Belgian regulations (if the work of the posted employee will be performed after 30 July). 

On the other hand, this special scheme does not apply to conditions of work carried out during the first 12 months of posting or work carried out within the framework of a posting before 30 July. The general scheme is fully applicable to such work. Information on the general posting scheme can be found on the website of the Federal Public Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue Services (in English, French or Dutch). 

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