Bin lorry operator targets women in bid to fill driver vacancies

Veolia UK, which provides waste management solutions among other services, says it is targeting working Mums in a recruitment drive that aims to fill a significant gap in its workforce of bin lorry drivers.

Bin lorry operator targets women in bid to fill driver vacancies
Photo © Veolia UK

According to, Veolia has seen the number of its unfilled driver vacancies increase by 40% in the last 12 months.

Although Veolia UK is happy to employ any qualified drivers, the company says its recruitment campaign is focused on women so as to end the “binman” gender stereotype. By doing so, Veolia UK also hopes it can attract new talent from a different demographic.

Beth Whittaker, Chief Human Resources Officer at Veolia, told that the job of bin lorry driver can be attractive to mothers as it is ideal for family time:

“It is a national shortage so we are affected in lots of areas, but there are particular hotspots such as London and the Home Counties. Although all parents are welcome we do want to focus on mums looking for a part time job that can wrap around school pick up, I am frustrated by the stereotype of binmen as I speak to the women who work here and, even though it’s a minority, they are passionate about what they do. We are looking to break down the barrier that are placed there so that is sort of the demographics that are predominantly male we would like to increase the number of females. We offer a really good lifestyle – no overnights, no long-haul or overseas, so ideal for family time.”

This is something that was emphasised in a recent Twitter post from the company, in which one of its female drivers is said to love her jobs thanks to the early starts and finishes it offers.

The recruitment campaign from Veolia UK comes as some councils have been forced to delay or limit refuse collections due to a lack of drivers. At least one council is also offering cash incentives in a bid to fill vacancies.

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