Britain needs you – to drive trucks



„Now is the best time to become a truck driver, as the country really needs you”, says driver Tony Philpotts on BBC Breakfast. 

The popular British morning programme has made a series about the essential workers who help keep the UK moving during the coronavirus restrictions.

Helping to keep supermarkets stocked across the country, it’s these lorry drivers that are carrying our everyday essentials, from fruit to pasta, and from washing powder to toilet rolls ” – draws the narrator attention to what many people don’t even think about.

However, the transport sector has become highly fragmented during the coronavirus restrictions in the UK. While companies carrying food and hygiene products to supermarkets barely meet the demand, many hauliers of non-essential products (like those transporting for the automotive sector) are left without work. A recent survey carried out by the British Road Haulage Association found that 46 percent of the UK’s truck fleet is not operating and 25 percent of drivers are furloughed.