Brussels has created a guide for businesses regarding tasks before Brexit

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Brussels has created a guide for businesses regarding tasks before Brexit

The European Commission has collected the most important tasks and advice on how to prepare for the exit of Great Britain from the European Union in a guide for entrepreneurs.

The conditions of Britain leaving the European Union have still not been agreed on. However, both the European Union and the United Kingdom has a scenario for a no-deal Brexit. If it comes to Britain, it won’t be part of the common customs territory of the EU any longer. This would mean there will be customs clearance, customs and other fees applicable on the border with the Isles.

You can find the guide on the website of the European Commission.

Companies from the EU should get prepared

Brussels recommends  – among many other tips – that entrepreneurs register their business with their national customs authority – if they have not done so – for trading with non-EU countries. Companies can find the contact details of the national customs authorities in this list.

Businesses should also inquire with their national customs authority about the existing customs simplifications and facilitation that are available for your business, such as:

  • simplifications for transit procedures.
  • comprehensive guarantees, with reduced amounts or waivers;
  • simplifications for placing goods under a customs procedure.

The European Union has also created e-learning modules on Customs and Tax so that businesspeople can check if they or their staff need extra training.

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