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Estonia has joined the group of countries that have implemented Directive 2014/67/EU, reports the Spanish Transport Organisation CETM, citing the IRU (International Road Transport Union). This means that cabotage operations performed in Estonia are now subject to regulations on posting of workers.

In practice, it is required to provide the following information to the Estonian Labour Inspectorate:

– name, ID card or tax identification number, area of business activity and details of the employer’s place of residence or seat and contact details,

– name and contact details of a person representing the employer,

– the number of posted workers, their names and dates of birth and the numbers of their identity cards,

– the expected duration of the posting, with the start and end dates,

– name, personal identification number or VAT number, area of business activity and the seat of the Estonian company ordering cabotage and contact details,

– name and media contact details of a person representing the employer,

– information on the business activity area where the posted employee will work in Estonia and the workplace address.

All the above information should be submitted via the form to the following address:, reports the CETM.

Additionally, the Estonian Labour Inspectorate may call on the employer of the driver performing cabotage to provide documents such as:

  • employment contract,
  • information on working hours,
  • payroll confirming that the Estonian minimum wage requirements are met, i.e. 3.48 euros per hour.

As the organization citing the IRU explains, companies do not need to have a representative, as is the case for example in France. However, all the above-mentioned documents must be retained for seven years.

Severe penalties

Carriers are to be fined severely for the Directive violations with:

  • up to EUR 1,200 (natural person) and up to EUR 3,200 (legal person) if the working conditions are not met,
  • up to EUR 1,200 (natural person) and up to EUR 32,000 (legal person) in the absence of cabotage notification.

Photo credit @ Wikimedia/Vincent van Zeijst CCA-SA 4.0 International


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