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Ron Gunson spent over 40 years in the cabin of a truck. He loves the profession of a driver so much that when he retired, he decided to open a shop with parts for trucks. Everything was going well until the trucker heard a devastating diagnosis – stomach and intestinal cancer. The doctors gave him little time. When his colleagues found out about it, they decided to act. They showed solidarity and fulfilled Ron’s last wish.

69-year-old Ron worked in transport all his life. Love for trucks is natural in his family. Both he and his four brothers grew up around trucks. Later the next generation followed in their footsteps, which is why the local trucker community knew the family very well, describes the Sun Times portal.

The diagnosis that Ron heard came as a shock. Cancer progressed, metastasis appeared. However, the 69-year-old decided to refuse treatment. He did not want to take chemistry, because in his case it would not help much. He preferred to spend the time he had left with his relatives.

The last time

Ron wanted to get into the truck for the last time. The family knew that. Greg and two brothers Geoff and Jamie decided to help make his dream come true with the help of other truckers. Together they organized the last ride of Ron. At an agreed time, 61 trucks arrived! Gunson got into the Sprung Transport truck, which he used every day. The man led the convoy, which passed straight through the city center. The whole trip ended in front of the store with parts owned by Ron. Over 500 people waited there for him! Everyone wanted to greet him and give him encouragement.

Ron was extremely impressed by the surprise.

I’m not depressed in any way. I am not stressed. It’s nice to have family and friends when you are in this situation,” he said in an interview with the Sun Times reporter.

The wife of the 69-year-old confirmed that there were tears of emotion on this day. Both drivers and people who came to the store wanted to cheer on Ron in his last ride. In turn, he himself was delighted with the idea. Witnesses say that the sight of the convoy driving through the city was breathtaking.

Ron’s story is unlikely to have a happy ending. However, both he and the whole truckers’ community are an example of the fact that the drivers are in solidarity at worst times and can count on each other.



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