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A startup from Barcelona has developed a software that allows the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise routes for the distribution of goods. The SmartMonkey platform collects and analyses various data for this purpose. This is one of the most interesting applications that, according to Spanish logistics media, can revolutionise the industry.

The Spanish company has developed software that uses artificial intelligence to optimise transport routes. SmartMonkey collects and analyses information regarding past behaviour of each company and its customers’ procedures (usual routes, opening hours or management time, etc.) in order to automate operations, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, without the need for human intervention.

The data generated during logistics operations help the system to learn, creating a database containing information on the basis of which accurate decisions are made. 

According to Xavier Ruiz, General Manager of the company, “one of the operational technical challenges of the logistics sector is information management, a process that has so far been done manually, in a more costly and inefficient way,” reports 

To change this, SmartMonkey decided to employ Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to automate the processing of this data and “give value to information that companies already have, but often don’t know how to use .”

The platform is based on algorithms developed by the Catalans, which process all this information in order to suggest to users the optimisation of routes in line with current environmental conditions. 

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