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The Spanish transport organization informs about the chaos on the two toll motorways in Catalonia after the truck traffic was redirected from national roads N-240 and N-340. Carriers have already estimated the additional costs resulting from the obligation to pay tolls.

The Federation of Transport Unions Fenadismer criticizes the ban on truck traffic introduced at the beginning of September on some sections of N-240 and N-340. Approximately 4,000 trucks used these roads daily. From Monday, the first business day this month, the drivers had to use paid AP-7 and AP-2. It soon turned out, however, that the number of parking places is not sufficient for these motorways at such high traffic levels.

By banning lorry traffic on N-340 and N-240, all parking lots at AP-7 (i.e. two – La Ribera and la del Baix Ebre) were completely filled up, which made it difficult for drivers to take a rest.

Among other things, Fenadismer criticizes the hasty and sudden introduction of the ban, which came into force 24 hours after the publication in BOE (Spanish official journal). It happened in addition to the weekend, surprising both Spanish and foreign drivers.

Julio Villaescusa, the head of the organization, intends to push for the total cancellation of the ban during the meeting with the minister of transport, which is to take place on September 12.

400 euros per month additional costs

According to the estimates of the Spanish transport sector, mandatory change of the route from N-240 to AP-2 between Les Borges Blanques and Pla de Santa Maria will cost carriers an additional 400 euros a month for each truck.

Hasty announcement of traffic redirection on AP-2 and AP-7 led to a huge mess,” – writes Cadena de Suministro on its Twitter account.



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