Competition for orders hots up in the US: Fedex introduces Sunday deliveries, but UPS is one step ahead

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Starting from this Sunday (13th September), around 95 percent of US residents will be able to benefit from Fedex’s seven-day delivery service, reported

The American parcel delivery company started its 7-day delivery service back in January 2020, but it only covered some areas of the US. With the expansion of FedEx Ground, the company is reacting to the growing parcel volumes due to online orders and thus securing a necessary competitive advantage. Competitor UPS introduced Sunday deliveries in the US at the beginning of the year, as well as Saturday deliveries in 8 European countries in July.

FedEx has six regional sorting centres to be able to provide large e-commerce providers with short-distance deliveries. The parcel service has also expanded its parcel network in cooperation with retailers. FedEx parcel pick-up and drop-off points are now available in more than 8,000 locations.

UPS has been delivering on Sundays since January

UPS made extensive investments to optimize means of transport, shipping methods and technological resources to reduce transport times, at the beginning of 2020. Since January, UPS has offered its pick-up and delivery services in the US seven days a week. In addition, UPS has expanded its hub capacities by around 4,500 tons.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons