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Ireland has opened more covid test sites in order to accomodate drivers using the ferry services between Cork and the French ports of St.Malo and Roscoff.

An extra site dedicated to HGVs has opened at Cork Airport to facilitate sailings from Cork Port. Drivers are instructed to follow signage on approach to the airport. Parking facilities for HGVS at the Airport are in place, but pre-booking is mandatory at this facility. Bookings must be made with RocDoc on their website

Alternatively, hauliers and drivers can get an authorised COVID-19 antigen or PCR tests at their own cost from a private testing facility around the country and firms may have their own arrangements. However, drivers must ensure that if they are undergoing an antigen test privately, that the test is on France’s list of approved antigen tests.

Each driver should ensure that they have downloaded their test results prior to arriving at the Port and that it is available for inspection.

For drivers that have access to non-HGV transport, two further sites are available at RocDoc existing testing facilities at both Cork Airport and Shannon Airport . It is emphasised that no HGVs should attend at these two sites and appointment booking is mandatory for these two sites only.

The sites are:

A full list of Ireland’s coronavirus testing sites is available here.


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