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Bridge linking Dubrovnik with the rest of Croatia without crossing a non-EU border opens

Croatia's Peljesac bridge, which links Dubrovnik with the rest of the country without the need to cross any non-EU border, has been officially opened.

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The Pelješac Bridge now connects two separate parts of Croatia divided by about ten kilometres of Bosnia and Herzegovina near the town of Neum.

Bridge Pelješac

The bridge spans 2.4 kilometres above the Adriatic sea bay at a height of 55 meters and thus bypasses the Bosnian coast, thereby creating a connection between the Adriatic coastal areas belonging to Croatia. With the bridge built in the area of Komarna and Bijesta, the two parts of Croatia were “united” again after 300 years.

Although the idea to build such a bridge was accepted 17 years ago, the actual construction started only four years ago, when the China Road and Bridge Corporation won the international bid to construct the massive infrastructure project. 

The total value of the strategically important priority project was 525 million euros; the construction was supported by 357 million euros from the European Union.