DAF introduces new range of drivelines for its LF distribution series

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DAF Trucks has introduced a new range of drivelines for its LF distribution series. The new PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 engines in combination with the new automatic 8-speed PowerLine gearboxes result in up to 7% higher fuel efficiency compared to the already former models.

DAF introduces new range of drivelines for its LF distribution series
Photo credits @ DAF Trucks

Farnborough Van & Truck Hire (FVTH) has been one of the first UK operators to take a lorry with the new DAF PowerLine fully automatic gearbox, announced the manufacturer this week.

At a special handover at Leyland Trucks, FVTH Managing Director, Tim Houghton, was presented with the keys to a DAF LF 190 7.5-tonne rigid complete with PACCAR box-van body and tail-lift – part of a fleet order for the rental and contract hire company.

DAF LF is a distribution lorry for both operators and drivers. According to the manufacturer, it combines the lowest operating costs, high payloads, superb reliability and class-leading manoeuvrability with excellent comfort, ergonomics and driving characteristics.

The 4.5 liter 4-cylinder PACCAR PX-5 engine and the 6.7 liter 6-cylinder PACCAR PX-7 engine have been completely redesigned. Both engines are characterized by a new lightweight yet ultra-strong Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) block and cast-iron cylinder head, new low-friction pistons, new highly efficient compressors and a new waste-gate turbo.

The 4.5 litre PACCAR PX-5 engine comes with outputs from 124 kW (170 hp) to 153 kW (210 hp) and the 6.7 litre PACCAR PX-7 engine has outputs from 167 kW (230 hp) up to 227 kW (310 hp). The engines develop peak torque at even lower engine speeds, supporting down-speeding and thus excellent fuel efficiency.

PowerLine automatic gearboxes

Part of the new DAF LF driveline is the new 8-speed, fully automatic PowerLine transmission, which feature optimal gear spread and steps. Powershifting without any torque interruption enables smooth shifts and quick throttle response, resulting in excellent comfort and driveability. In addition, the new transmissions provide outstanding low speed maneuverability, enabled by an urge-to-move feature upon releasing the brake pedal.

“Automated and automatic gearboxes are a must in the rental and contract hire business,” said FVTH Managing Director, Tim Houghton, “my customers just want to jump in and go. The new DAF PowerLine takes it to the next level – it really does deliver car-like driveability. Operationally, auto-boxes drive down maintenance costs, too – especially on clutches. And, of course, the prospect of a 7% improvement in fuel economy from the new driveline is a good thing for everyone.

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