Danish police did not fall for the shrewd method. Smashing fine for illegal cabotage

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A Slovenian company tried to outsmart the Danish control authorities with regard to cabotage, employing a method of deception unknown to the services so far. But it turned out that the Danish policemen are smarter and the carrier will face very severe consequences. 
A Slovenian carrier wanted to avoid being checked by the Danish authorities and was carrying out cabotage in Denmark with a vehicle registered in that country … The Macedonian driver who was driving the truck in question was stopped last week for a routine check. The trucker provided the police officers with a certificate of employment in a Slovenian transport company and a long-term rental agreement for a truck registered in Denmark.

This is uncommon, because when it comes to illegal cabotage, it is usually carried out by foreign trucks. This is the first time I have seen a Danish truck engage in illegal cabotage in Denmark. Although foreign carriers are using new methods in an attempt to circumvent the law, the story of last week shows that foreign carriers cannot be sure of avoiding the consequences. I am very pleased that we have managed to put an end to illegal cabotage,” said Henrik Fobian, Police Commissioner from Tungvogncenter Øst.

21 illegal cabotage operations

During the inspection, the police established that the truck had been regularly travelling both ways between Aarhus and Køge for the last 14 days. According to the authorities, the Slovenian company carried out at least 21 illegal cabotage operations in Denmark within two weeks. As a result, the Slovenian transport company was accused of illegal cabotage and the truck was detained as collateral for a fine of a devastating amount – DKK 210,000 (approx 28, 200 euros)!