DB Schenker has launched a platform for its clients. Not just for placing orders and asking quotes.

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DB Schenker has launched a platform for its clients. Not just for placing orders and asking quotes.

Another logistic operator is launching its digital tool to facilitate the work of customers. “The Connect 4.0 for Land Transport platform offers business customers access to a convenient booking system, immediate and transparent information about prices and transport time, and a practical tracking system – emphasises Markus Sontheimer, Chief Information & Digital Officer at DB Schenker.

The platform was tested in Germany and Spain. Last week, DB Schenker announced that Polish customers will be able to use the digital tool, and it will be launched in other European countries by the end of this year. For now, however, it is not known in which countries exactly. But this is just the beginning.

Shortly, DB Schenker will also implement Connect 4 Ocean and Connect 4 Air – new online booking systems for sea and air transport – reports the company.

Even more digital activity

The Connect 4 land platform is to place orders, pricing and bookings for logistics services in the field of land transport.

We strive for our clients to have quick online access to the largest transport network in Europe – comments Ewald Kaiser, chief operating officer at DB Schenker. – With a few clicks of the mouse, they will be able to quickly and conveniently order the delivery of goods to recipients throughout Europe, from Madrid to Moscow. Thanks to this, our main activity will become even more digital. Soon all our processes, from the offer to the invoice, will be completely digitised – he says.

How to connect “data islands”?

This is not the first investment of this type that has been made in the industry. Not so long ago, the Gefco Group bought Chronotruck was introduced- a platform that offers the ability to place offers and observe the flow of cargo automatically. LPP , one of the largest clothing companies in Poland, is also investing in a digital tool. It will consist of several modules that allow you to contact couriers, exchange information with suppliers, manage transport and forwarding, and create orders. The other giant, DHL is also consistently developing a digital tool –  we are talking about Saloodo!

This trend, graphically called “data islands” by experts, is slowly beginning to cover more companies.

Imitation of forwarding begins: We will also build our group of carriers and fence our island. We will also build our application and present to ourselves all we can – Bogdan Kosturek, vice president of Trans.eu Technology, said during a recent HyperLOG conference.

– If this process (…) occurs, we will all divide ourselves into such islands of isolated business. Everyone took the carriers, in charter and on some group to try to maximise profits. As a result, there will be no carrier community. And you will all be with your small islands – he acknowledged, arguing that the solution might be to create open platforms (i.e., like ShipWell in the United States or Trans For Forwarders in Europe – editor’s note ) that allow transport management in the context of the picture of the situation the whole market, not just a part of it.

Photo: DB Schenker

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