DB Schenker orders its 1st hydrogen-powered vehicles from Hylane

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Logistics giant DB Schenker has ordered its hydrogen-powered vehicles fuel cell vehicles courtesy of its rental partner, Hylane. The first of the trucks were recently revealed in DB Schenker colours in the Netherlands.

DB Schenker orders its 1st hydrogen-powered vehicles from Hylane
Photo: DB Schenker / LinkedIn

Writing about the order on LinkedIn, DB Schenker talked about a company visit to see the hydrogen-powered vehicles in Groningen.

In a caption accompanying a company video, DB Schenker said it was proud to announce it had ordered the first Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles from its rental-partner, hylane. The vehicles are planned to go into operation by the beginning of 2023.

The company wrote it was “inspiring” to see the first of trucks with its brand and take it for a spin around the block.

Commenting on the announcement, Helmut Schweighofer, CEO of DB Schenker Europe, said:

“I am grateful to see the progress we are now making towards testing a hydrogen powered vehicle for linehaul transportation, which will be an important step on our journey towards carbon-neutral road transportation.”

Wolfgang Janda, Executive Vice President, Head of Network & Line Haul Management at DB Schenker, added:

“In addition to a 360-degree rental concept, the aim of the cooperation is the development of a swap body-truck-trailer combination that carries our standard swap body type with a length of 7,820 mm. This is new on the market and enables us to decarbonize our land transport network without loss of efficiency.”

Hylane also revealed more about its partnership with DB Schenker on its own LinkedIn page.

According to Hylane, DB Schenker will primarily use the trucks for long-distance journeys. This, of course, is due to the fact that hydrogen-powered trucks have the advantage over pure electric equivalents in this area.

Sara Schiffer, managing director of Hylane, also commented on the news, adding:

“We are proud to support DB Schenker’s pioneering work with our trucks. The partnership with DB Schenker shows that hylane meets the high demands that leading companies place on sustainable transport. Together we will continue to work on promoting the use of hydrogen trucks in Europe.”

The vehicles filmed in the shoot are the Hyzon HyMax 250 model from American automotive company Hyzon. The truck provides 250 kW of continuous power, with up to 350 kW available for bursts of 15-20 minutes. The model also sports a number of electrictronic systems, including lane departure warning, an emergency brake, EBS, ASR, ESC, and automatic light control.

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