DPD announces further price increases. Again.

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DPD announces further price increases. Again.

The courier service provider DPD recorded significantly higher revenues in the first half of the year, due to price increases. The company announced that it would continue to raise rates. 

DPD started well in 2019, both in Germany and in other European countries. The turnover of DPD Germany increased in the first half by 5.9 percent, and the turnover of the whole group increased by 7.2 percent. The highest increase – by over 10 percent – was noted in Poland and Benelux.

This was possible due to a significant increase in prices and their focus on high-margin segments such as international shipping, premium and express services – we read in the transport portal verkehrsrundschau.de.

To increase profitability, DPD in Germany has deliberately slowed down growth and terminated some of the contracts with customers from low-margin segments.

Although Boris Winkelmann, CEO of DPD Germany is convinced that the positive trend will continue until the end of the year, he is aware that the pressure of costs and labour shortage will not decrease. 

Carriers have to settle in the longer term for further noticeable increases, “says a DPD spokesperson.

Alternatives to home delivery

In the opinion of Winkelmann, the importance of alternatives to home delivery will continue to grow: “In a period of rising prices and intensified debate on climate protection, we see a growing demand for cheap and environmentally friendly deliveries directly to the parcel store,” explains DPD Germany CEO Winkelmann.

We expect home deliveries to become a more expensive premium service throughout the industry, “added a spokesman for the German company DPD.

The case of DPD is not the only one 

Price increases for services of other operators, such as Hermes Germany , GO! Express & Logistics , whether GLS Poland or DHL Parcel , show that this is a clear trend on the market.

Photo: Mark Ashmann/ Wikimedia Commons

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