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Drivers need to manually add border crossings to tachographs from February

If a vehicle’s digital tachograph does not record border crossings automatically, drivers must do it manually from 2 February 2022, as set out in the Tachograph Regulations of the Mobility Package. However, this is not the only change that drivers and hauliers should pay attention to. From March, a 4-day-long “cooling off" period must be applied when planning cabotage operations and measures on posted workers are also set to get stricter.

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Spanish transportation association Fenadismer has warned its members about the upcoming application of the Tachograph Regulation that enters into force on 2 February 2022. The changes concern drivers of vehicles equipped with digital tachographs.

If the tachograph does not record border crossings automatically, it must be done by the drivers manually. The drivers should note the time of the crossing at the beginning of the driver’s first stop as close to the border as possible.

If the border was crossed while travelling on a ferry or a train, he/she must record it at the port or station of arrival.

Drivers driving a vehicle equipped with an analogue tachograph have had to do the same thing since August 2020.

Moreover, there are other regulations of the Mobility Package that will enter into force this year:

  • the obligation to report the posting of drivers in a special interface for carriers connected to the IMI Internal Market Information System
  • the obligation to pay drivers at least the full minimum wage applicable in each member state while they are working there
  • the mandatory return of commercial vehicles to their base every 8 weeks
  • a maximum of 3 cabotage operations in one country may be performed within a 7-day period. After this period, the truck may not enter this country for 4 days.

In addition, as of May 30th, there are additional rules for the transport of goods via light vehicles. You can find more on this in detail here.