Drivers travelling from UK to Germany must provide negative covid-test upon entry

Drivers travelling from UK to Germany must provide negative covid-test upon entry

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Drivers travelling from UK to Germany must provide negative covid-test upon entry

Due to the spread of the Indian coronavirus-variant, lorry drivers travelling from the United Kingdom to Germany must be able to provide a negative covid-test result on arrival. Online registry is also required.

“The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland incl. all British Overseas Territories, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands is considered as an area of variant of concern” – published the German Robert Koch Institute on Friday, 21st May.

This means that all persons, including staff of goods transportation, must have proof of negative covid-testing immediately upon entry to Germany. In addition, the must register their arrival online beforehand and self-isolate if staying longer than 72 hours.

Please note that proof of vaccination or of recovery from COVID-19 is not a means whereby you can avoid doing the above. The rules are the same regardless of your vaccination or recovery status.

Negative covid-test result

Drivers must have a negative covid-test certificate immediately upon entry into Germany if they enter from a high-incidence or virus variant area. The proof of testing has to refer to a test taken not more than 48 hours beforehand (for antigen tests) or 72 hours (PCR). The certificate should be written in the German, English, French, Italian or Spanish and can be either in paper or digital form.

More information on accepted tests is available here.

Mandatory registration

Even before drivers enter the country, they must complete a digital entry registration if they have stayed in a risk area within the ten days prior to entry on the website

After providing all the necessary information, drivers receive a PDF file as confirmation. This is the document drivers need to provide if stopped for a check.

If due to a lack of technical equipment or due to a technical malfunction, drivers are unable to submit a digital entry registration, they must submit a replacement registration in paper form instead.

Drivers should refer to the instructions on the replacement registration form to find out where they must hand it in (e.g. on request to either the carrier or the Federal Police). If they are not requested to hand in the replacement registration form, they are required to either complete a digital entry registration after entry or to send the completed replacement registration to the following address by post:

Deutsche Post E-POST Solutions GmbH, 69990 Mannheim

Obligation to self-isolate

For drivers of goods transports, pre-self-isolation is mandatory in case of stays of more than 72 hours.

Photo credit @ Bundespolizei

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