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The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Lyon warns drivers against criminals dressed as policemen. The French services are working hard to capture the disguised gang.

In recent weeks, in the parking lots near Lyon, there has been a raid of criminals dressed up as policemen at night, warns the Polish Consulate General in Lyon on Facebook. A group of disguised people move in a vehicle resembling an unmarked police car with a signal and warning light. 

The criminals (they may have balaclavas on) break into parked vehicles, wake up sleeping drivers and pretend to be police officers (they may also use fake police badges) and demand to open the vehicle or follow their car. They can break seals and cut tarpaulins in order to steal cargo. They use pepper spray,” the Consulate alerts.

Despite intensive efforts by the French services, they have still not managed to capture the perpetrators.  

The consulate appeals to truck drivers not to open the vehicle under any circumstances and to call the police as soon as possible (112). The French services do not use balaclavas, they produce documents before the inspection and do not intimidate people under control with screaming and aggressive behaviour.

Photo: Youtube


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