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A pilot program under the name „Logistics and personnel” will start at any moment. Appropriate agreement between the army and the DSV logistics operator was signed last Friday. If necessary, the company will rent its truckers to the army, and military drivers will support the logistics company during peak periods.

The problem of the lack of truck drivers is close not only to the Dutch carriers, but also to the local army. The solution that benefits both the military and the logistics company is the pilot project „Logistics and personnel”.

As part of the pilot, the well-known DSV transport company will exchange the drivers with the army if the need arises. The operator will benefit from the assistance of the army during peak periods in the industry (e..g before holidays). They will assist the company as drivers as well as in their distribution centers in Venlo, Moerdijk, and Heerenberg. In turn, DSV will send its truckers to the army during major international exercises – informs the Dutch logistics portal.

The staff will be properly trained to cooperate – the parties agreed.

Is British army the answer to the lack of drivers in the UK?

Germans are looking for hands to work in transport among the military. The British Road Transport Union (RHA) is working with the government to support the Road to Logistics initiative, under which former soldiers are to be re-trained to work in the transport industry. Shortage of staff in British transport is growing at a rate of 50 drivers a day – informs the newspaper „The Sun”.



Currently, the average age of a British trucker is 55 years. In 2015, when it was 53 years, 13 percent of drivers were over 60 and only 2 percent of employees under 25 years of age. Will the military be able to patch personnel gaps in the industry? We will find out soon.

In the past, thanks to the universal duty of military service both in the East and in the West of Europe, several thousand people with the right to drive heavy goods vehicles came every year. For example, the Bundeswehr trained about 15 thousand truckers. At present, there is a lack of 45 thousand drivers in Germany and the number of vacancies is still growing.

Photo: Wikimedia / Alf van Beem CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication


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