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EU bans Belarusian trailers and hauliers with more than 25% Belarusian ownership

The European Council has implemented new sanctions on the Belarusian economy in response to its involvement in Russia's war against Ukraine. These sanctions include expanded prohibitions on the transport of goods by road within the EU using Belarus-registered trailers and semi-trailers and restrictions on EU road transport operators with significant Belarusian ownership.

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On 29 June, the European Council broadened its prohibition on the transport of goods by road within the EU by trailers and semi-trailers registered in Belarus, regardless of whether they are hauled by lorries registered outside Belarus.

This expansion of restrictions seeks to curtail Belarus’ ability to indirectly support Russia’s military activities through logistical means.

Moreover, to further mitigate the risk of circumvention, the new measures stipulate that EU operators with 25% or more ownership by Belarusian entities, whether natural or legal persons, are prohibited from operating as road transport undertakings or transporting goods by road within the Union, including transit routes.

This policy is designed to close potential loopholes that could allow Belarusian interests to bypass sanctions via EU-based subsidiaries or partnerships.

The Council has also decided to extend the ban on exports of dual-use/advanced goods and technologies and to impose further export restrictions on goods that could contribute to strengthening Belarus’ industrial potential.

The EU body has also introduced further restrictions on exports to Belarus of maritime goods and technology, as well as luxury goods.

On imports, the direct or indirect import, purchase or transfer of gold and diamonds from Belarus, as well as helium, coal and mineral products, including oil, will be prohibited.

Regarding imports, it will be prohibited to import directly or indirectly, purchase or transfer namely of gold and diamonds from Belarus, as well as helium, coal and mineral products including crude oil. 

“The latter measure will be complemented by a new export ban on goods and technologies suitable for use in oil refining and the liquefaction of natural gas,” the Council adds.