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On Wednesday, MEPs from the Employment and Social Affairs Committee voted on a draft amendment to the Directive on Posted Workers recently negotiated between the European Parliament, the EU countries and the European Commission. The members of the Commission were not in agreement – some of the deputies were against, but the majority supported the planned changes in the EU regulations.

14 members of the employment committee voted against and 38 supported the amendments to the posting of workers directive. 2 abstained. We are divided „- wrote on Twitter Danuta Jazłowiecka, European MEP, who is a member of the commission.

In addition, the MEPs from the Employment and Social Affairs Committee considered the first amendments to the Mobility Package, which is to contain detailed transport regulations and which will not be included in the Posting Directive. The Commission adopted an opinion recommending the inclusion of cabotage and international transport, with the exception of transit, for posted workers.

Unfortunately, 30 deputies supported protectionism and irrationalism” – wrote Jazłwiecka on Twitter.

The new rules on the posting of workers are to provide better protection outside the home country. Before they come into force, they must still be adopted by the entire European Parliament in the plenary session and by the Member States. Meanwhile, the proposed changes are unfavorable especially for Eastern European entrepreneurs, also from the transport sector.

Photo: Twitter/Danuta Jazłowiecka


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