FFP2 face mask mandatory in Bavaria for drivers loading or unloading at shops

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The German state of Bavaria has made the wearing of an FFP2 face mask mandatory when using public transport or visiting shops from Monday, 18th January. The obligation also applies to truck drivers who take part in loading tasks, warn the Dutch road freight association.

On Tuesday, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder announced that wearing FFP2 masks will be mandatory not only in shops, but also in local public transport in the region. The obligation comes into effect on Monday, January 18th and also includes both taxis and rental cars.

According to the Dutch road freight association, drivers who load or unload at shops must also wear an FFP2 category mask.

It is believed that petrol stations also fall under the regulation. As no legislation has yet been published on this obligation yet, not all the details are not known.

In the cabin and when leaving the truck, however, a face mask of any kind is deemed satisfactory.

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