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Protesters continue to block numerous roads and several fuel depots throughout the country. Today, about 20,000 „yellow vests” took to the streets and roads. The police intervene, but to no avail. Today the trade unionists from the National Federation of Transport and Logistics FO/UNCP joined the protesters.

The fuel depots at Fos-sur-Mer in the Bouches-du-Rhône department are still blocked. Similarly, trucks cannot leave or enter the Fondeyre facilities in Toulouse and Vovray north of Annecy.

The largest concentration of roadblocks was recorded on the A7 motorway, where the highway is blocked at 13 exit and entry points.

On A10 traffic is still difficult due to a blockade in both directions near the town of Virsac. A several kilometers long traffic jam has already formed there in the direction to Paris.

„Yellow vests” also block the A9 motorway in nine locations. Truck traffic is halted in both directions at Narbonne Est, Perpignan Nord and Perpignan Sud.

Eight demonstrations were also recorded along A64, including in Tarbes, seven along A62 and four along A89.

In addition, trade unionists from the National Federation of Transport and Logistics FO/UNCP have just announced their decision to join the „yellow vest” movement. Yesterday, FO Transport prepared the ground, announcing that it must take a stand. After the meeting of its Federal Executive Bureau, the final decision was made.

The National Federation of Transport and Logistics FO/UNCP, in solidarity with the civic movement „yellow vests”, calls on all its activists and supporters to participate and organize all activities aimed at claiming increasing purchasing power.”

Photo: Twitter/Chanteloube


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