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After many years of lobbying and expectations, the Dutch carriers finally got a permit for cross-border transport by mega-trucks. The first Longer Heavier Vehicles (LHVs) carry out transport operations in Flanders as part of the pilot project.

Almost 20 years after the admission of mega trucks on the roads in the Netherlands, these vehicles can, as part of a pilot project, cross the border with Belgium and carry out transports in Flanders – informs Transport en Logistiek Nederland. The Belgian companies can also be part of the project. Already 5 companies from the Netherlands and Belgium carry out transports in this region with at least one mega truck.

According to the Ministry of Public Affairs and Mobility of Flanders, there are already at least 15 LHVs on the roads there, most of them from the Netherlands. TLN expects that this number will increase very quickly, many carriers are preparing to take part in the project.

Substantial benefits

The pilot project allows the use of LHV over longer distances, which further increases the advantages of these combinations,” informs in the official communication of the Dutch union.

The first extended truck on route to Flanders was sent by Siba Recycling from Uden before Christmas. Since then, this vehicle has been making 4 routes a week from Uden to Kortijk to carry used tyres that are recycled in the Netherlands. Earlier, to receive the same number of tyres, Siba Recycling had to send a traditional truck six times.

This is a huge performance improvement with huge benefits in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,” TLN assures.

Photo: Wikipedia/Teppo Lainio CC BY-SA 2.5


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