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XPO Logistics has announced that it is launching a new route between Barcelona and Valencia. It will be served by powerful mega trucks. The length of the set will exceed 25 meters, while the gross vehicle weight reaches 60 tonnes.

Mega trucks are nothing new in this company. The carrier owns 15 such vehicles and uses them to transport LTL in Spain. In the coming year, this number may increase further, because XPO Logistics wants to increase the number of routes to service 60 locations related to LTL service in this country.

It’s not just about the environment

In recent years, we have increased our activity in the Mediterranean region, resulting in increased volumes in distribution and pallet services. We currently deliver over 4 million pallets a year in Spain alone. The latest „mega-trucks” route between hubs in Barcelona and Valencia not only improves the efficiency of our operations, reducing their environmental impact but also strengthens our leadership position in pallet transport,” said Massimo Marsili, Managing Director of XPO Logistics in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

The company estimates that due to its much higher payload than in 40-ton trucks, it can reduce CO2 emissions by around 20 percent on the route.

Editor’s comment:

Environmental protection is just one of the arguments. On the other hand, the efficiency of using resources in the company is certainly increasing. However, this solution praised by some is considered to be disastrous by others. As experts note, in the future, for more dynamic and effective development of transport companies, it will be necessary to focus on digitization and platforming, which enable data exchange between participants in the supply chain.

Photo: XPO Logistics


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