Foreign HGV mileage on German roads further increased in 2022 Q1

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The Federal Office of Freight Transport (BAG) published toll statistics last week summarising the first quarter of 2022. It turns out that the share of German trucks compared to foreign HGVs has further decreased compared to the same period last year.

Foreign HGV mileage on German roads further increased in 2022 Q1
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The number of miles travelled by foreign trucks on the German roads has outnumbered German HGV mileage for years, but the rate has swayed further in favour of foreign trucks during the first quarter of 2022, the latest figures show. The mileage travelled by foreign HGVs has gone up by 0.9% year-on-year, the figures show.

The largest increase came from neighbouring Poland. Polish trucks travelled 1.964 million km on federal highways and roads in Germany from January until April. This means a 10.6% year-on-year increase.

By comparison, the mileage of German trucks on toll roads increased in terms of y/y by only 0.8 per cent (with a result of 5.923 million km).

Thus, the share of Polish hauliers in the first quarter of this year increased to a record level of 18.8 per cent (in the same period of 2021 it was 17.3 per cent and for the entire last year 17.5 per cent), and the rate of German mileage dropped to 56.6 per cent (from 57.5% in the corresponding period of 2021).

The Czechs are in second place in the foreign ranking, even though their result is slightly worse than last year (-0.7%) at 0.347 million km.

Romanian hauliers are in third with 0.338 million km, which is 0.3 per cent more than in 2021.

Lithuania, which overtook the Netherlands two years ago, stands in fourth place with a mileage of 0.326 million km. This is a 7.1 per cent increase compared to last year.

Dutch carriers round up the top 5; their result was worse than last year’s by 1.8 per cent (0.261 million km).

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