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After several protests in France during the previous weeks, there are still two demonstrations announced for next week. This time, the truck drivers’ unions have organised the strikes. 

In France, hauliers , farmers, the yellow-vests, employees of public services and public transport were protesting in the previous weeks. For the next Monday (16 December), truck drivers of four trade unions – CGT, CFTC, FO and UFR-CFDT announced a protest. 

They are demonstrating in the form of slow driving, blocking roads and petrol stations in all regions of France, „reports the UFR-CFDT association on a special leaflet.

For Tuesday, 17 December, the CFTC also planned similar activities. We will keep you updated about any difficulties.

What are the drivers fighting for?

In a joint statement, the unions announced that:

this is the moment when the industry is in crisis due to the lack of 50,000. truck drivers (…). We are dealing with working conditions that can lead to sudden sick leave. We must fight to raise salaries. ” 

The main postulate formulated by trade unionists is the demand for the improvement of wages and working conditions. Protesters demand, among others, the actual revaluation of wages and 13th-month wages, which are paid in other industries. Also, trade unionists are concerned about the plan to withdraw the CFA license, which the government wants to negotiate with social partners. This license is a state-funded system that allows truck drivers to retire five years before reaching retirement age.


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