Free coffee and snacks on offer for truck drivers in France

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Free coffee and snacks on offer for truck drivers in France

As part of their ThankYouCarriers campaign, the OnTurtle (formerely RedTortuga) network of petrol stations are providing free coffee and refreshments for truck drivers in various locations in Spain and France.

OnTurtle say they want to express their gratitude to the transport workers who, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, have made a huge effort to ensure the supply of essential goods to people all over Europe.

The free coffee and refreshments will be available from a food truck that is stopping at popular service stations throughout the country between now and October 1st. The first stop for the food truck is the Spanish town of La Jonquera on the French border. From there, the vehicle will move north, stopping at Calais on September 28th, before heading back south to Chevanceeux on the first day of October.

The full list of the locations and dates where you can get a thank-you gift for your hard work is as follows:

Beziers – 24 September,

Mâcon – 25 September,

Écot – 26 September,

Calais (All4Trucks) – 28 September,

Jáunay Clan – 30 September,

Chevanceaux – 1 October.

Photo credit @ Trans.INFO

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