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The French Ministry of Labour has announced a new national programme to combat illegal work for the period 2019-2021. The plan assumes a significant tightening of actions and sanctions related to illegal work in its broadest sense, including violations in the area of posting of workers and social security.

International transport will also be a sector of particular interest for the French Ministry of Labour.

The most important objectives of the plan:

– increased number of inspections and their coordination between inspection services with the possibility to use tax and insurance data, exchange of information between institutions on penalties imposed and the possibility to obtain information on the employer also from third parties (such as telephone service providers, etc.);

– strong focus on the correct accounting of posted workers’ wages and information on labour law and social security entitlements (together with trade unions and employers’ organisations);

– publishing a blacklist of employers convicted of illegal employment;

– development of public administration competence to issue decisions to close an entity in case of detection of illegal work.

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