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Last Friday, road Police in France’s Moselle region inspected a truck registered in Romania, and discovered that it was transporting 2 tractors that had been stolen in the Netherlands.

The two machines were securely harnessed in the trailer of the truck and hidden from view under the yellow and blue tarpaulin.

The road police were reportedly surprised to find two tractors once they opened up the trailer. However, after noticing the tractors were without serial numbers, an investigation was launched to find out where they had come from.

A few days later, the police found that the two tractors had been stolen in the Netherlands, and were en-route to Spain. There may even have been a plan to take the tractors as far afield as North Africa.

The investigators were unable to establish whether the Romanian truck driver was aware the tractors had been stolen. Therefore, he shall not be subject to prosecution. However, an investigation into the original theft has begun in the Netherlands, and the two tractors will soon be reunited with their owners.


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