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German manufacturer launches AI trailer in Europe

A German axle and suspension manufacturer is using artificial intelligence in its trailers. The solution has proven itself in the UK and has now made its way to the European market.

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BPW Bergische Achsen KG, a leading European manufacturer of axles and suspensions based in Wiehl near Cologne, is introducing a new generation of iC Plus chassis using artificial intelligence (AI).

The use of this technology is aimed at reducing operating costs and increasing safety. The solution has been used for some time in the UK, where it has successfully reduced vehicle downtime due to breakdowns, and is now being rolled out in markets across Europe.

The iC Plus system uses intelligent algorithms to analyse brake performance, identify maintenance needs, and prevent costly and dangerous problems before they occur. The algorithms detect data patterns in the chassis that indicate the need for maintenance of critical components. This is especially true for the brakes. Thanks to the telematics used, iC Plus informs the driver, fleet manager, and dispatcher when the brakes need to be checked in the workshop.

The German manufacturer’s solution also allows for predictive maintenance. The system identifies problems such as damaged air lines, loose brake calipers, and weakening springs before they lead to failure. In addition, the technology enables digital maintenance management. The iC Plus system integrates statutory inspection regulations and maintenance instructions and digitally documents all work down to the smallest detail, creating a digitised vehicle file.