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More than a month ago, the Deutsche Post DHL Group surprised its customers with an additional fee for sending parcels to the United States. With the unfreezing of shipments to subsequent countries, the operator extends the crisis surcharge to new destinations. 

From May 1, customers who want to send parcels to the United States must pay an additional fee. The Group has justified the additional charge with low transport capacity and increased transport costs, reports the German logistics portal Individual customers faced additional costs of between €16 and €90. Business customers, on the other hand, although they could still benefit from an international package of services, also had to pay a surcharge, but only €16. Since mid-May, the Deutsche Post has been collecting a crisis surcharge depending on the weight of the parcel (€2.20 per kilo).

As of May 28, the Group resumed its shipments to other countries, to which transport had previously been suspended due to the pandemic. These shipments will also be subject to additional charges. According to, an additional charge of €1.40 to €3.60 per kilogram of shipment is collected (e.g. to Australia €3.60, Brazil €3.10, Japan €1.45, Singapore €2.10, South Africa €3.10, South Korea €2.50, Thailand €2.40).

The restrictions on sending letters and parcels to the United States are due to current capacity constraints. Due to the dynamic situation, we cannot predict how long this situation will last,” the German logistics portal quotes the company.

Photo: DHL


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