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Throughout the month, the German police pay special attention to vehicle lighting during roadside checks.

This month, as every year, the autumn campaign Licht-Test (Light Test) has been launched by the German police. When inspecting trucks and passenger cars, the traffic police also check the lights on the vehicles thoroughly. German policemen focus primarily on those vehicles that do not have a valid inspection badge on the windscreen: 

Light check campaigns have been organised in Germany for 63 years. This is about the safety of traffic participants, for whom functional and well-regulated lights are crucial at this time of year. 

As in previous years, all car and truck drivers can check the lights of their vehicles free of charge at garages, vehicle control stations and automobile clubs. Until the end of this month, they will also repair minor defects for free


Check your vehicle’s lights before each route, not just in autumn and winter. Regardless of the season, a short, self-test of lights before hitting the road is important for the safety of you and other traffic users. Just turn on all the lights and walk around the truck. Also, remember to clean the headlights and adjust the height of the headlights if necessary.


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