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Germany will introduce a 14-day quarantine for people entering the country from Friday. However, it doesn’t apply to truck drivers and commuters.

Everyone who enters Germany, regardless of whether they are a citizen of the country or other European Union member states, will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine. On Monday, Angela Merkel’s cabinet made relevant instructions for the states.

The new regulation will enter into force on Friday, 10 April and will apply to people staying abroad for several days – and therefore not to commuters. Healthcare professionals and truck drivers will not be quarantined. Freight transport – by road, rail, air or water – just like transit is excluded from the regulations – reports the German daily Tagesschau. However, it can be expected that border controls will be stricter, which can result in queues at the crossings.

Also, seasonal workers wishing to come to Germany will have to indicate that their employer has guaranteed them isolation from the rest of the employees for the first 14 days of work.



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